Posted by: livingscripture | June 9, 2009

Tenth Tuesday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day 

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was proclaimed to you by us, Silvanus and Timothy and me, was not  ‘yes’ and ‘no’ but ‘yes’ has been in him.  For however many are the promises of  God, their Yes is in him, therefore, the Amen from us also goes through him to God for glory.

(2 Cor. 1, 19-20)

t_Healing_the_Woman How should we live this Word

 In this second letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul takes a position in regard to the criticisms that have been made and defends his fidelity by appealing to God’s fidelity.  As the psalm says, ‘God’s fidelity endures forever!’  The promises God made through the Covenant are kept and will always be kept.  There does not exist ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in God.

 The Lord’s ‘yes’ shines forth in a sublime way in Jesus crucified and risen.  Throughout His life, Jesus is a living ‘yes’ to the Father and a ‘yes’ to us.  It has been a ‘yes’ to our existential cry as well and to our need for salvation today.  It is through Jesus’ ‘yes’ to the Father that His mystery of death and resurrection flow and all the joy, pain, and effort that we live as well. All is transformed into an ‘Amen’ that glorifies God.

 God’s promises through history are silently accomplished, not through any virtue of ours, but through Jesus’ ‘yes’ that is continued in us.  Our life thus becomes light for others as today’s Gospel proclaims, ‘You are the light of the world’.

 Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will unite myself to Jesus and to His ‘yes’ to the Father.  I will ask that He effuse His Spirit in me so that the radiance of this continued ‘yes’ may shine forth in the loving acceptance of what I live this day.

 Lord, grant that I may always be ‘Yes’ to the Father’s will as You were. 

 The voice of Mother Theresa of Calcutta

 FAt the moment of death, we will not be judged on the amount of work we have done, but on the weight of love of our ‘yes’ to God as we accomplished that work.



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