Posted by: livingscripture | April 30, 2009

Third Thursday of Easter

From the Word of the Day


No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draw him.

(John 6, 44)   


How should we live this Word


If we take this expression literally, it may leave us somewhat perplexed.  Is there a kind of predestination, as though God has preferences and gives the gift of faith to some and not to others?  It suffices to insert the phrase into its proper context in order to understand its meaning.  In fact immediately after Jesus says, “They shall all be taught by God”.  Therefore we see that there is no predestination.  The thirst and nostalgia for God are inscribed in every heart.  This is made objectively clear by the numerous religious confessions that date from the most remote times and even from their distortions when there is recourse to magic and various superstitious practices.


However, we are speaking of an attraction motivated by love and therefore respectful of freedom.  God approaches first but it is up to us to accept or refuse; to enter into a dialogue of love or to close ourselves in a sterile monologue.  Jesus is calling our attention to a fact of fundamental importance, faith is principally and primarily a gift.  As such, it is to be received and guarded with grateful love.  What’s more, it is to be used to bear fruit for oneself and others.


Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will ask myself if I recognize that my faith is an inestimable gift.  Do I thank the Lord?  Do I guard it and use is so that it may produce abundant fruit?


The voice of Primo Mazzolari, priest                                 lighthouse


Faith is not a landing but rather a sure orientation of grace toward a landing.  The voyage continues and is fatiguing.  Those who do not have the grace of believing are tempted by uncertainty and by the fear of nothingness.  Those who have the grace of believing are troubled by the light itself that has been communicated to them.                                          


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