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db_37-resurrection_of_our_lord1From the Word of the Day



(John 20, 1)


How should we live this Word


The sun of the Resurrection had already risen but its rays had not yet dissipated the shadows that weighed heavily on the hearts of Jesus’ intimate friends.  This is how it will be until they find the courage to open the doors and challenge the darkness, like the bride of the Song of Songs who searches for her Beloved in the night.


A woman will break through the hesitation to run to the place where Jesus was buried.  She feels in her heart the darkness that came with His unjust and cruel death.  It is a sadness that weighs her down and prevents her from reading the sign in that inexplicably empty tomb.  She leaves only to bring the news to the disciples, almost as though asking for help.  Then she returns, incapable of leaving there or of seeing.   At her words, Peter and John run to the tomb.  The faster one stops at the entrance, letting the other precede him.  There they see the linens, lying there empty, the face cloth neatly folded.  Then an initially timid joy explodes.  Now the sun dances in their heart.  They saw and believed.  Now they will witness and give their lives for the Teacher.


The obligatory steps and passages to approach the light of the Risen One are to challenge the darkness of doubt, of trial, opening our eyes to see God’s signs in our daily life.  Mary Magdalene, the apostles, and we as well are not exempt from this journey because we can believe only after we have seen and only with a solid faith can we make our witness credible.


Today as I pause for silent contemplation, I will enter the empty tomb with Peter and John.  I will let those linens question me as they invite me to look elsewhere for the Living One.


Divine Risen One, shake my soul from its torpor so that I may be grasped by the joy of Your resurrection and, like Mary, announce to all that You are alive and present in our day.


The voice of St. Gregory of Nazianzen, Church Father


Yesterday I was crucified with Jesus.  Today I am glorified with Him.  Yesterday I died with Him.  Today we are both vivified.  Yesterday I was buried together with Christ.  Today He and I rise.  Therefore, let us go to Him who suffered and rose for us.

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