Posted by: livingscripture | April 11, 2009

Holy Saturday

From the Word of the Day


Buried with Christ

(Romans 6, 4)


How should we live this Wordpieta


This is the day of great silence.  It is the silence of the disoriented and fearful apostles.  It is the silence of the Mother immersed in a mystery ever received and pondered in her heart.  It is in silence that we are called to immerse ourselves as well. 


Is the One lying in the tomb definitively conquered?  Is it not the Life that the Mother, pregnant with the ultimate handing over of the Son – woman, here is your son – which she feels palpitating in her even if every age makes the triumphant announcement of God’s death? Then who is sealed in that tomb?  Friday, Pilate had said, ‘Behold the man!’  It is the man whom sin has disfigured and killed.  It is the man with whom God became one to the point of taking our sin upon Himself, substituting us in the death of the accursed. 


I would be irretrievably lost if He had not let Himself fall into the womb of the earth like the grain of wheat.  I am buried there but as a seed breaking through the soil.  Thanks to Him, that tomb is transformed into a cradle that receives the cries of new life, vivified by the Spirit.  I cannot pass by indifferently.  I have been reborn there.  I have rediscovered my identity as God’s child there, the meaning of my life.  In the silence I hear God calling, ‘Adam where are you?’  It is not a reproof, nor a condemnation but rather an invitation to realize the foolishness of my flight far from Him because I am naked.


Now I understand.  It is to overcome my fear that He divested Himself of His power and descended ‘naked’ into the heart of the earth.  I need to surrender to the mystery of a God who will never cease to amaze me, who when I think I have grasped Him, is elsewhere, in a beyond that transcends me.  The silence of Holy Saturday is an immersion in adoration with the joyful awareness that God is God, infinite Love in which I can happily drown.


Today I will immerse myself in this silence. 


Lord, I believe!  May Your pardon make me a new creature and re-launch me on the road of Love.


The voice of Epiphanus of Salamina, Church Father


Today a great silence surrounds the earth.  There is a great silence and a great calm.  The King sleeps.  The earth trembled and became mute because God has fallen asleep in the flesh and hell shook.  God fell asleep for an instant and awoke those who were in hell.

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