Posted by: livingscripture | April 10, 2009

Good Friday

From the Word of the Day


It is finished.db_33-crucifixion1

(John 19, 30)


How should we live this Word


Jesus’ entire life is an instruction on awareness.  He has a mission to accomplish.  This is why He came into the world and why He does not remove His gaze from His ‘hour’.  It is a mission He received from the Father and lovingly accepted to the point that He could say, ‘I have a baptism which I am to receive and my anguish is great until I receive it’.  Now, before dying on the cross, He affirms “It is finished”. 


But what is finished?  By reading what follows, we understand.  “Bowing His head, He handed over the spirit”.  It is a double handing over; that of His life, freely and knowingly given and that of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Son.  Jesus’ mission of glorifying the Father has been accomplished.  He has made God’s face known in the biblical sense of experienced.  This experience opens wide the way of salvation for all humanity.  It is the experience of a love that saves!  It is the acceptance of the Spirit of Love that delivers us from the death of sin, from meaninglessness!


The extreme experience of the cross proclaims without any possibility of being denied that God is Love, that God loves us.  This love regenerates me, restores me to my dignity as God’s child.  The gift of the Spirit attests to this as it cries out within me, ABBA’-FATHER.


Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will adore the Crucified One. 


O holy Cross, throne and altar on which Love is immolated, regenerate me, remove me from my egotistical closure.  Grant that the Person of Love, the Spirit of Jesus may possess me and lead me on the road of love.


The voice of St. John Chrysostom, Church Doctor


Do you understand why Paul exhorts us to celebrate the cross?  Because Christ was immolated on it.  Where there is sacrifice, there the remission of sin is found, reconciliation with the Lord, festivity and joy.  ‘Christ our Pasch was immolated’ for us.  Where was He immolated?  On a cross elevated from the earth.  The altar of this sacrifice is new because the sacrifice itself is new and extraordinary.  One alone is victim and priest: a victim according to the flesh; a priest according to the spirit.

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