Posted by: livingscripture | April 9, 2009

Thursday of Holy Week

From the Word of the Day


He loved them to the end.

(John 13, 1)


How should we live this Word


Jesus was fully aware that the ‘hour’ had come.  He is like a mother or father of a family who feels the need to gather His own around Him.  It is a moment of intense tenderness which John introduces with an expression that summarizes Jesus’ entire life, “He loved His own in the world and He loved them to the end”. 


There follows a succession of scrupulously recorded gestures, as though they had been branded in the mind of the ‘disciple whom Jesus loved’.  “He took off His outer garments.  He took a towel and tied it around His waist.  Then He poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and dry them with the towel around His waist.”  He excludes no one.  He does not stiffen in front of Judas and yet He knows.  But for Him, for His heart, Judas remains a friend, even though he does not reciprocate the friendship.  ‘I do not want the sinner’s death, rather that he be converted and live’ is the cry of His silent and loving gesture. 


It is an invitation to examine himself, a sign that His hand is still outstretched, now and after.  He loved to the end and beyond.  This is the way it will always be throughout the centuries.  He is asking permission to wash your tired feet here and now.  Yes, on this Holy Thursday of your life, Jesus is silently asking you to give Him this joy.  Maybe you feel like Peter and want to protest, draw back or maybe you see yourself in the apostles who are stunned and do not understand.  Even if you feel like those who turned their back on Him, do not refuse this gesture.  Let Him love you!


Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will simply love. 


Thank You Jesus for Your immense love!


The voice of Primo Mazzolari, priest


The story of the Passion documents that nothing can stop Love.


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