Posted by: livingscripture | April 7, 2009

Tuesday of Holy Week

From the Word of the Day


And it was night…

(John 13, 30)


How should we live this Word


Today’s biblical passage opens and closes with two sad predictions; betrayal and denial.  Central to the passage is a detail that may seem trivial, ‘It was night’.  It is the night whose shadows Jesus came to dissipate.  However it now makes its decisive attack in an attempt to overcome the light.

It is a night of disorientation in which Judas will commit his crime, Peter will fall prey to fear, and the others will run away in confusion.  Yet, it is precisely in the heart of this night that Jesus will live His ‘glorification’, restoring humanity to its dignity as God’s children.  db_30-_betrayal_in_the_garden1


The re-appearance of the night in our existence is by now a passing event, the prelude to the light that will return to illuminate our eyes because Christ’s Sun never sets.  The Christian must be the prophet, the loudspeaker of God, announcing the definitive triumph of love.  We have contemplated the face of the Crucified Christ.  We have experienced the victory of the Risen One.  We cannot hold for ourselves such an awesome and joyful message.  An authentic Christian is not a prophet of doom, one who is upset over the spread of evil, and much less, one who stops laboring so that the light may come and reach every person.


Christians are the sentinels who search the shadows in order to see the first beams of light on the horizon, keeping hope alive in the hearts of their sisters and brothers.  This is the real Christian that we are all called to be.



Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will view realistically the night in which our society is immersed in order to be a voice announcing its demise under the conquering sign of love that I commit myself to bring where I live and work.


Lord, grant that I may cross the night in the company of my sisters and brothers who struggle in it.  Let me indicate the light of Your cross from which the fullness of love emanates.


The voice of St. Leo the Great, Church Doctor


The obscurity of the ancient night withdrew before the true light.  The Christian people are invited to the riches of paradise, and to all the redeemed, access to the lost country has been re-opened.  Let no one act in such a way as to close the way that the faith of the good thief was able to open.

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