Posted by: livingscripture | April 6, 2009

Monday of Holy Week

From the Word of the Day


Six days before Passover…

(John 12, 1)


How should we live this Word


‘Six days before’…the rhythm slows as in the first pages of the Gospel, creating an expectant calm.  As then, the number six returns.  In fact, it was on the sixth day, the third of the first three that introduce Jesus’ public life, that the wedding feast of Cana took place. 


In the biblical mentality, the number six denotes imperfection, incompleteness, and, as the episode at Cana suggests, the wine that is soon to be totally consumed.  On that occasion Jesus had made known that His ‘hour’ had not yet come.  He the Spouse was present but the nuptials would reach consummation only on the Cross.  St. Paul recalls this in his letter to the Ephesians as he speaks of the nuptial relationship.  ‘Christ loved His Church to the point of giving His life for her’.


The Cross will manifest a fullness of love that will overflow the empty containers of a cold religiosity that is legalistic and heavy.  What is needed is for the spouse, the Church and every Baptized person, to re-discover the limpid glance of one capable of gazing upon that face disfigured out of love and unchained from selfish calculations.  The only norm that the Christian is called upon to observe is to love without measure so that the ‘good perfume of Christ’ will spread throughout the house to everyone.  It is the perfume of the Holy Spirit who dwells in every Baptized person.


Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will accept St. John’s invitation to live these days that near Christ’s ‘hour’.  I will remain at length near the Teacher to learn the lessons of love.


Lord, grant that I may stay at Your feet with Mary, not deeming it a loss of time but remaining in prayer that may become a silent and humble gesture of love.


The voice of Silvano Fausti, Biblist


Mary performs a foolish act.  The only measure of love is to be without measure.  It is a response to the love of the Spouse who comes to Jerusalem to give His life. ‘While the king is in his enclosure, my nard spreads its perfume’ (Canticle 1, 12).  Love is always solicitous to intuit and to anticipate.


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