Posted by: livingscripture | March 19, 2009

Feast of St. Joseph

From the Word of the Day


Hoping against hope, Abraham believed…His faith was credited to him as justice.   (Romans 4, 18-22)


How should we live this Word                         joseph-2


In the second reading of the liturgy for the feast of St. Joseph, we meet Abraham whom St. Paul calls ‘our father in the faith’.  Actually, Joseph is very similar to Abraham in regard to faith.  First God asked Abraham to leave his country and his world, promising him a son who would become the sire of a people blessed by Him.  However, when his wife Sarah finally does conceive and bear Isaac, Abraham receives the incredible obedience to sacrifice precisely that only son.  It is here that Abraham believed in God, in the omnipotence of His love.  He believed in the mystery, ‘hoping against all hope’ of solely human reasoning.  It was for his faith which hoped all from God’s love, that the Lord not only spared his son, but blessed all the peoples of the earth in him.


Thus Joseph, the just man, believed and trustfully sacrificed his right to consummate his marriage with Mary and have children by her.  He believed!  Silently he became the heavenly Father’s shadow in the home at Nazareth, totally dedicated to the service of Mary’s divine maternity in conceiving the Word of God become a human baby.


In my pause for silent contemplation today, I will seek to encounter Joseph’s silence in my prayerful silence.  I will ask him to quiet within me the many demands that often arise, so that my faith may ever increase.


Through St. Joseph’s intercession, grant me Lord a trustful abandonment to the Father’s love, certain that His will is always one of love toward me and the whole world.


The voice of Tonino Bello, Bishop


Mary concentrated on the Creator’s omnipotence.  You, Joseph, based all on the fragility of a human being.  She had more faith but you had more hope.  Charity did the rest, in you and in her.

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