Posted by: livingscripture | March 16, 2009

Third Monday of Lent

From the Word of the Day


His servants came up and reasoned with him.  ‘My father,’ they said, ‘if the prophet had told you to do something extraordinary, would you not have done it?  All the more now, since he said to you ‘Wash and be clean,’ should you do as he said.’  So Naaman went down and plunged into the Jordan seven times at the word of the man of God.  His flesh became again like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.  (2 Kings 5, 13-14)naaman-2


How should we live this Word


Naaman, a Syrian pagan, is sick with leprosy.  He learned that the Prophet Elisha who worked miracles in God’s name was in Israel.  He immediately goes with complete trust to this powerful man.  According to his logic, he expects a grand welcome on the part of the Prophet and magic gestures and words.  Without even going out to him, the Prophet sends word that he should simply bathe in the waters of the Jordan River.  This arouses indignation and anger in this rich and powerful man.  There follows condescension in regard to the one thing for which he had come so far, his cure.  It is through his consent to do the only thing asked of him, the simple gesture of immersing himself in the waters, that God heals him.


This biblical page corrects in me as well, the many expectations and the logic with which I often complicate my spiritual life.  God is simple and acts with simple means.  Precisely herein lies His greatness! 


In my pause for silent contemplation today, I will let myself be awed by what is simple and small that sings of God’s greatness in my day.  I will question myself on my rapport with the Lord.  Am I truly persuaded that it is within the simple things of each day lived with love that God works out His plan of salvation?


Lord Jesus, grant me a simple gaze and a pure heart.  Grant that I may trust You as a child trusts its mother.


The voice of Madeleine Delbrèl, a woman of simplicity


Every action, even the simplest, is a grand event if we discover all the love that it contains.

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