Posted by: livingscripture | March 13, 2009

Second Friday of Lent

From the Word of the Day


Here comes the master dreamer!  Come on, let us kill him and throw him into one of the cisterns here…We shall then see what comes of his dreams.

(Genesis 37, 19-20)


How should we live this Word       josephs-coat                  


A dreamer!  Someone from another epoch?  Or is it rather the image of someone who is able to grasp in the folds of history a red thread that connects to the golden thread desired by Jesus and that would fill history with an everlasting flux of new life?  An authentic Christian cannot but be a dreamer in some way, one who is not overcome by pessimism because of the evil that continues to batter the world.


It is true. There is much negativity that obscures the horizon.  Society seems to be founded on injustice, violence, unabashed oppression.  The voice that proposes peace, universal fraternity, and honesty is often ridiculed and those who propagate these dreams are set aside or opposed.  And yet, it is precisely those who have the courage to dream who open new paths, indicate horizons that are illumined by great ideals for which to strive and even die, if necessary.  They are the real protagonists of history.


Think of the many lives that we regard with admiration.  Women and men who have experienced and still experience the same difficulties we do.  People who are realists and are able to call evil by its name without letting themselves be overcome by it, able to read in it a call to use their energies so that Love may triumph.  The tiny seed they sowed became a tree under which broken lives find refreshment.


In my pause for silent contemplation today I will ask myself if I am a resigned Christian or a dreamer, capable of looking in the same direction as Jesus with optimism and courageous initiative.


Lord, grant that I may dream with You of a world in which love triumphs.  Help me to commit myself to its realization without worrying if my contribution is only a trifle.


The voice of Martin Luther King, seeker of justice


Yes, it is true.  I myself am a victim of vanished dreams, of dashed hopes.  But notwithstanding all, I want to end by saying that I still have dreams because in life, we must never surrender.  If you lose hope, you lose even the vitality that makes life worthwhile, the courage to be yourself, the strength to go on no matter what.

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