Posted by: livingscripture | February 7, 2009

Fourth Saturday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


‘Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.’  People were coming and going in great numbers, and they had no opportunity even to eat.     (Mark 6, 31)


How should we live this Word    arcobalenointero1


Jesus had sent His followers to announce the Good News, the Gospel of salvation.  Now they return to Him.  We can just picture them all around Jesus, telling Him about the results of their mission.  In the meantime, the people do not stop crowding the places where Jesus goes.  What Jesus tells His first collaborators is both an invitation and an admonition that must be obeyed.  The invitation is not to die of exhaustion performing apostolic labors beyond their strength.  The invitation-admonition is to find solitude and silence in a deserted place, to go, not to do, but to rest for a bit of time.


How much wisdom and tender attention to us, to our human nature that is made for action but also for pauses to re-fuel our whole reality:  biological, psychological, spiritual!  No part of us must remain uncared for.  We must respect the need we have for rest, beginning with the Sunday rest.  Then all is refreshed and re-vivified for ourselves, for others, for God’s glory.  This may seem like a trifle, a banality today but it must solicit us.  The question is, ‘Do I know how to rest?’  Which places do I go for rest?  Do I renew my contact with nature, with a good book, with friendly conversation, with a precise time of prayer using Psalms, or the Our Father or Hail Mary that lets me breathe the grace and praise of the Lord?  Do I know how to detach myself for a while from all that is virtual reality, the TV, the computer, etc. in order to rest in what is truly real?


In my pause for silent contemplation today, I will reflect on all this and I will revive in my heart the lively desire to live my days serenely, according to God’s plan. 


Lord, teach me to rest in You, with You, and with the gift  of what is simple and comes from You.


The voice of Swami Viveckananda, sage


Sit at the borders of the dawn and the sun will rise for you.  Sit at the borders of the night and the stars will shine for you.  Sit as the borders of the torrent and the nightingale will sing for you.  Sit at the borders of silence, and God will speak to you.

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