Posted by: livingscripture | February 2, 2009

Fourth Monday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Now, Master, you may let your servant go in peace according to your word, for my eyes have seen your salvation.          (Luke 2, 29)


How should we live this Word


Today we have the beautiful liturgy that portrays Jesus being presented in the Temple like every other newborn Jewish male.  Two elderly figures stand out, Simeon and Anna.  Simeon not only lives according to the Law but has his heart overflowing with love as He awaits the Messiah foretold by the prophets.  His serene old age, totally dedicated to God, allows his spiritual sense to recognize in the child presented in the Temple by a poor virgin of Nazareth, the Great Awaited One    God with us!            presentation20in20the20temple1


Let us pause on Simeon’s prayer as He holds the Baby Jesus in his arms.  It is a serene farewell to this life with all its vicissitudes, joys, commitments, and sorrows.  It is not marked by regrets or anguish but by God’s peace that is beyond every feeling, as St. Paul says.  This life is at its sunset but it continues to shine forth the Lord’s Word, the very Word from which Simeon had learned to await the Messiah.  How beautiful is the stupor that shines from his eyes when he says, ‘my eyes have seen Your salvation’.  Jesus is our salvation, the One whom faith has us meet every instant of our lives if we believe, if we are open, if we trust Him.


In my pause for silent contemplation I will think of this and ask the Holy Spirit to let this certainty penetrate me to my depths.  Jesus has come and continues to come.  He wants to save me!


Jesus, grant that I may let myself be saved from all that has no meaning in this society so materialistic.  Save me and give me the capacity to spread peace.



The voice of St. Ambrose, Church doctor


‘Let your servant go in peace’, Simeon says.  We see this just one, imprisoned in the jail of his body who desires to escape in order to begin to be with Christ because to ‘go to be with Christ is much better (Phil. 1, 23).  But the one who wants to be freed, goes to Jerusalem, to the Temple, to await the Anointed One.  He receives the Word of God in his hands and embraces Him with the arms of his faith.  Then he will be freed and will never see death, he who has seen life.

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