Posted by: livingscripture | January 28, 2009

Third Wednesday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Similarly, those sown on rocky ground are people who on listening to the word accept it joyfully at the outset.  Being rootless, they last only a while.  When some pressure or persecution overtakes them because of the word, they falter.                 (Mark 4, 16-17)

How should we live this Word



The theme of the seed under different aspects returns often in the Lord’s parables, as do many natural images and realties taken from the vegetable, animal, or human world.  It could be seen as the fruit of a deep ecological insight of one who is close to creation and perceives its rhythms and seasons.  In regard to today’s parable, the earth is a metaphor of our heart that is more or less available to receive the seed of the Word.  In fact at times, we give into egoism, materialism.  It is then that the seed is sown on asphalt and evil carries it away.  We listen but we do not like what we hear.  We prefer evil to good because evil is easier.  Surely this has happened to many of us in our life. 

At other times it can happen that our heart is open, vulnerable and as we listen to the message of love, we are filled with good resolutions.  But we have not deepened our relationship with Jesus so we are not ready.  Our heart is not yet sufficiently fertile and as soon as we are immersed in our daily life, we forget everything and we put the Word aside.  But the Lord gives us time so that those rocks may become fields as we experience both the positive and negative aspects of life and, little by little, we will find the necessary fruitfulness of soul to allow the Word to blossom in us.

There is no need to despair as we remember Isaiah’s words, ‘As the rain and the snow descend from the heavens and do not return without enriching the earth, so shall my Word be’.  We need to be convinced that only the Lord can make us fecund and fruitful.  Our task is to prepare good soil, open to receive the seed.  We must be patient because the Lord’s times are not ours.  We need to follow Jesus with perseverance as the apostles did, even without understanding everything.  They followed Christ and learned from Him.  Then the Lord will be even more generous with us, removing the rocks, the thorns, the asphalt in His own time of salvation and will thus enable our hearts to be fertile for His Word.


Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will repeat the words of a child’s prayer as she prepared for her First Holy Communion:             

  Make me good soil’.


The voice of P. Emery, theologian


Preaching is much more than teaching.  It is the word that does what it says in those who receive it.  It is the instrument of salvation because the kingdom of God consists precisely in listening to the Word and putting it into practice.

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