Posted by: livingscripture | January 18, 2009

January 18, 2009 Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Come and see.      (John 1, 39)


How should we live this Word


John and Andrew, the first apostles to follow the Teacher, are surprised by His question, ‘What are you looking for?’.  Like two children caught in the act, the only answer they are able to formulate is another question, ‘Where do you live?’.  The response is an invitation to enter into an experience, ‘Come and see’.  These few words contain within themselves the whole of the Christian adventure.


It is the desire, the deep nostalgia that each of us carries within and that we perhaps do not know how to name yet it urges us to seek.  Maybe we go along mistaken roads that leave us tired and disillusioned.  But it is a fact that we all recognize the need for something more to satisfy our thirst for the infinite, for joy, for fullness.  It is important to avoid suffocating it, to go in search, and to let the question provoke us, ‘What are you looking for?  What am I looking for?’ It may be that this question contains the answer to my disquietude.


I must go from ‘what’ to ‘whom’, because I am thirsting for Him, for God.  To admit this is to take the right road, the one that leads me to where He lives.  It means following it without fear along alleys wrapped in silence that bring me to a dwelling too little frequented because there is always too much to do!  Then I will discover with joyful awe, that He lives in the depths of my heart.  If I then have the courage to remain with Him, in this sometimes overlooked angle, my eyes too will be opened and I will finally see the One who gives light and meaning  to my life.


Today in my time for silent contemplation, I will try to follow Jesus in the most silent and hidden recesses of my heart.  I will crouch at His feet, letting Him speak to me or I will simply enjoy the sweetness of His presence.


My Lord and my God, who silently dwell in me, grant that I may decide to re-enter my house.  Forgive me if I have left You alone, little appreciating Your gift.  Here I am.  I hand myself over totally to You.  Do not allow me to leave Your loving company any more.


The voice of Julian of Norwich, mystic                  


We need to be greatly pleased at the fact that Our God dwells in our soul and we need to be even more pleased that our soul dwells in God.  And the place where our soul dwells is in God who existed before all was created.  To see and know that God, our creator, lives in our soul is a deep interior illumination.

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