Posted by: livingscripture | January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009 First Thursday of Ordinary Time

From the Word of the Day


Encourage one another daily while it is still ‘today’.    

 (Hebrews 3, 13)


How should we live this Word   


Both at the beginning and at the end of this passage the word ‘today’ returns, this favorable time in which we play out our existence.  It is here, today, that God reaches us with His gift.  It is here that it becomes salvation for me.  In this transient fragment of time all of history, past and future, flows together, like a window that opens onto unlimited horizons where I am situated and where I find the ultimate meaning of my existence. 


It is precisely in the dialectic of relationships in this precious fragment with all that came before it and with the radiant goal toward which I run, that I overcome the risk of hardening my heart.  It is here that I overcome the incapacity of grasping in the present moment, the call to project myself toward the beyond with its promise of fullness.  The memory of the past guards the proof that God makes history with us.  He walks with me, surrounding me with love.  Openness to the future becomes the trampoline toward the ‘more’ that He has prepared.  Each today is like a fast running tape, precious in itself, but upon which I cannot stop because the goal lies beyond.  It is immersed in the light of the Risen One.


Today in my time for silent contemplation, I will question myself on the importance I give to the fragments of time given to me.  Are they occasions to grow in love?  Do I live them with humble trepidation full of gratitude or do I waste them in unforgivable flightiness?


I thank You Lord for this today that You have given me to live, a stupendous occasion to know You and to love You, to praise You and to thank You.


The voice of Angelo Vigliotti, researcher                  


In the conscious and attentive present, in this ardent and passionate atom, in this instant of life, you live in the past that is the future because the present contains all your past and, according to how you live this present moment, forms the foundation of your future.

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