Posted by: livingscripture | January 7, 2009

January 7, 2009 Wednesday after Epiphany

From the Word of the Day


Whatever we ask we shall receive at God’s hands.  Why?  Because we are keeping his commandments and doing what is pleasing in his sight.        

  (1 John 3, 22)


How should we live this Word


The passage opens with the words ‘Most beloved’.  This is the term in the original Greek, cordial with great tenderness.  Then we hear the confirmation of what was said both by Jesus and the author of the letter.  Jesus said, ‘Whatever you ask in my name you will receive’.  The author of this letter wrote, ‘If we know that God hears us whenever we ask Him for something, we know that we already have all that we have asked of Him’ (5,15).


The solidity and the peace of a truly human life rests on this trust which the winds of trial and temptation cannot shake.  There remains as liet motif, a central certainty of all that John says. ‘We love because God has first loved us’ (4, 19).  The strength to live according to what God wishes form us, above all the law of love, comes from this.  We must never tire meditating on this and assuming it, within our weakness, like a guarantee of power of courage in its accomplishment.  Yes, then two accomplishments will meet, that of a God who keeps faith by loving us and  our own in which we persevere in loving our sisters and brothers.


Today in my time for silent contemplation I will reflect on this certainty.  If I love, even in this moment, ‘I am generated by God’ (4, 7).  In reality, the commandment that summarizes everything is that I love my neighbor, those who are likable  and those who aren’t.


 Lord, grant me Your consolation to observe Your commandment so that I may dwell in You and You in me.


The voice of Divo Barsotti, a witness                  


Illuminated by the Spirit, baptized by fire, whoever you are: virgin, monk, priest, you are God’s throne, you are the dwelling, you are the instrument, you are the light of divinity.

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