Posted by: livingscripture | November 18, 2008

Novmeber 18, Tuesday of 33 Week of Ordinary Time

100_0206From the Word of the Day


I must stay at your house today. 

  (Luke 19, 5)


How should we live this Word


Have we ever considered that this self invitation was directed to us?  Yes, precisely to me, to you, to every person who is driven by a nameless disquiet and is seeking Him, perhaps unconsciously, like the crowds that gathered around Jesus.  We can react like the people who were attracted by the sensational surrounding His person.  They wanted to touch Him, but then they went home and carefully closed the door behind them.  We can find ourselves in Zacchaeus’ shoes, the Publican, the sinner who deeply felt his unworthiness and at the same time, a longing for Him.


We often feel the need to distance ourselves from all that is sensational or mere curiosity in our seeking to see Him.  There are moments when we feel confused, almost as though we were suffocating and blind.  But where is He?  Who is He?  Why doesn’t He show me His face?  Why doesn’t He lift this heaviness that oppresses me?  This can happen to any one of us, to those who have always denied Him embracing atheism or agnosticism, to those who begin to seriously question their religious sense.  Why should I believe?  In whom do I believe?  Have I ever met Him?


It is the deep reminder to seriously live life in all its dimensions beginning with the master key of faith.  We need only follow the way of Zacchaeus by distancing ourselves, granting ourselves space for silence and solitude in order to find ourselves once again and the One who silently dwells in the depths of our being.  Yes, today He is saying to us, ‘I must stay at your house’.


Today in my pause for silent contemplation, I will let the Teacher’s invitation resound in me.  I will take it seriously.  Why not find a quiet spot, far from habitual noise, in order to give myself some hours, some days of silent listening to my self that reclaims me and to my God who calls to me?


My God, You are often on my lips but all too often I leave You alone in my heart so that I lose the awareness of Your silent presence.  Your eyes seek mine, but cannot find them because they are too distracted by things of little account.  Unbar my way, that I may finally hand myself over to You.


The Voice of Oscar Romero, martyr


We live outside ourselves too much.  Few are those who truly enter into themselves and that is why there are so many problems.  In the heart of every person there is a small cell where God comes alone  to speak with each of us.  It is there that we decide our destiny and our role in the world.

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