Posted by: livingscripture | October 30, 2008

Gather Us









Gather us like chicks

under Your wings!

Mother Jesus, pour out on us

the tenderness of Your Heart,

so longing to nurture and protect us,

keeping us from harm’s way.


Who are You, Loving God,

to stoop to tend us?

What depths and heights

of Pure Love,

cause You, our Creator,

to care so for Your creatures?


You are an awesome God,

come in human vesture,

bearing the burden of our humanity

in Your meek strength;

healing our myriad woes

with Your wounds.


Oh, yes, gather us

into the home of Your heart.

Let us return love for Love

in an unending response

of gratitude and praise.


Amen!   Amen!



                                                                                              (Luke 13, 31-35)


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